• About City
    Introducing Esfarayen city

    Esfarayen is a city located in northwestern of North Khorasan province. This city is the center of Esfarayen County.  This County shares common borders with Sabzevar county from its south and southwestern, with Quchan and Sabzevar cities from its east and with Bojnord and Shirvan cities from its west. The height of Esfarayen from the sea level to the apex of Shah Jahan Mountain is 3032 meter and the bottommost point of this city has 1000 meter depth. According to the official report of public census of population and housing on 1390, the population of this region was 127,012 of people which 60376 of this population were residents of Esfarayen city, 3527 of them were lived in Safiabad town and the rest of the population were habitants of the district villages. Esfarayen county possesses 250 historical and religious monuments and two protected national parks. It is noteworthy that the second oldest clay citadel in the country is located in this city.
    Ancient monuments such as the largest clay stronghold in the country, the green foothills, rivers, fountains and waterfalls are among the most important tourist attractive natural landmarks of the city and they have a special place among nature lovers. Esfarayen city due to its spring-like weather and its historical, religious and pure tourist attractions, was always enchanting for the people who were interested in tours. Esfarayen county with its valleys, waterfalls and beautiful countryside is located at the top of North Khorasan province at the southern hillside of Aladagh mountains and the south and southwestern of Shahjahan mountain. The diverse climate, heights, flatlands and plains of Esfarayen created pure attractions in this region that gazes the eyes of each passenger. The national parks and protected areas of “Sarigol” , the national park and protected area of “Salook”, the tourist attractive staircase village of “Rouein”, the up-country valley of “Bidvaz”, “Ordoghan” and beautiful waterfalls of “Eazi” and “Tooy”, the heights of Shahjahan mountain and the fountains originated from the heights of “Karkaz” attracted the attention of many climbers, passengers and tourists. The tourist attractive village of “Rouein” which is located in one the valleys of the southern hillside of “Aladagh” mountains, with its staircase architecture, similar to the “Masooleh” village, is one of the most renowned tourist attractive places in Esfarayen County. This village which is located 27 kilometers north of Esfarayen city, has mild and mountainous weather and the abundance of water in this area caused continuous horticultural thriving so that this village provides horticultural products in all of the seasons of the year. The presence of mountain heights and summits, the permanent rivers and old sycamore trees caused the face of this “Masooleh”-like village to be unique. Having the houses with staircases, being traditional and being located in the steep valleys of high mountains of Aladagh of Esfarayen (the city of apple blossoms) with flowing rivers and active springs, this village shows enchanting beauty so that the historical context of this city is regarded as the first its kind to be registered in the list of national monuments. The tourist attractive village of “Rouein” is also known as the village of apple blossoms. The winding alleys of this village, an ancient structure of houses and the slope of alleys of the village are from the vivid characteristics of this region which attract the attention of any newcomer to the village.
    The “Sallok” national park in Esfarayen occupies the area of 17 thousand hectares and because of its diverse collection of animal species, it is considered one of the most important protected areas in Iran. The plain and mountain topographic condition of the region, caused this area to be regarded as one of the most diverse habitats of wild species which is one of the beautiful tourist attractions of Esfarayen . The beauty of this park becomes more visible when the visitor finds out that the northern part of this natural landmark is mountainous and it is the habitat of various mountainous animals and the southern part of this region is suitable for plain animals. At the bottom of the valleys of this natural park, various tree types and shrubs of Barbery, wild willow, wild fig, and wild eglantine and in higher altitude variety of Araxes can be observed.
    The national park and protected area of “Sarigol” with 28 thousands of hectares of vastness are located in the east of Esfarayen. Due to its ups and downs and abundance of water is the host of significantly diverse animal species. Form 502 of already known species of birds in the country, 70 of them were observed in this region. This national park with 200 plant species is covered with blooming plant species.
    The archaic city or in other words the ancient citadel in Esfarayen which is known as “Belgheys” city, is the second greatest brick monument of Iran after Bam citadel. This city was always one of the most important cities on the edge of the famous “Silk road”. This archaic city which is located 3 kilometers from the southeastern of Esfarayen, is considered as one of the most renowned ancient attractions of North Khorasan province. This city which was constructed based on Sasanian architectural methods consists of three main parts: Ancient Fortress, midtown and downtown. This city had 29 towers with different heights which were finally abandoned at Safavi rule era and Esfarayen city established at its current location, 3 kilometers north of “Belgheys” city. This famous monument belongs to the early Islamic era and its registration number in the list of registered national monuments is 4497.
    The outdoor wrestling ritual in Esfarayen which is being held every year on 14th of Farvardin in “Zeynal Khan fountain arena” in the north of Esfarayen city with over 100,000 spectators from all over the country is one of the main rituals of this region which is nationally registered as a rare event. 

    The Efarayen Industry
    Esfarayen county besides of being in the vicinity of plenty of historical and religious monuments and having green gardens and villages can be named the most important industrial city of northeastern of the country because the Esfarayen industrial complex and “Loole Gostar” company, two unique industrial complexes of the country are located in this county. “Loole Gostar” company as the sole manufacturer of seamless steals in the region, is located in Esfarayen in the vicinity of Esfarayen industrial complex. This neighborhood of these two complexes is considered an advantage due to the fact that the Esfarayen industrial complex is the sole manufacturer of steel bars and super alloys in the country. The number of industrial factories in Esfarayen county is about 56 which due to their special strategic conditions, they lead this county through a prosperous and progressive path. 

    The Esfarayen County position
    Esfarayen county possessing 250 historical and religious monuments, two national parks, the second greatest ancient citadel of Iran, green lands, the sacred tomb of “Ahmad ebne Mosa” the great brother of Imam Reza is considered as one the most important cities located at northeastern of Iran which paced significant and stable progress steps in the path of industrialization so far. The establishment of the Esfarayen University of Technology in this county multiplied the rate of progress of this county. The presence of several universities and the existence of a university of science and technology in the vicinity of industry and civilization can surely provide opportunities for more thriving of this city. Accordingly, we can name Esfarayen as the land of culture, industry and history.