• Department of Material and Chemical Engineering
    Department of Material and Chemical Engineering

    In all human eras, the progress in technologies has been always in the direction that leads to the knowledge, alteration and rearrangement of materials which nowadays are being investigated especially in sciences such as material engineering and chemical engineering. 
    The material engineering is a comprehensive science in which novel materials are designed and engineered with the aid of knowledge and discovery of the relationship between microstructures and material properties, however, in chemical engineering science the conversion of material to each other, the separation of mixtures, mixing of materials and transport phenomena are studied. Considering the vastness and development of steel, petrochemical and polymer industries in the country and their basic and fundamental roles in these industries in the economic growth of the country, the importance of these engineering fields are more perceivable. Along with launching and development of modern chemical industries, the exigent need of these industries to safety engineers for assurance of the integrity of performed repair and maintenance, protection and security of devices and equipment against corrosion, undesirable contingencies and combustion are completely felt.
    The material engineering, chemical engineering, and safety engineering group of Esfarayen University of Technology launched in 2012 and it has the honor to educate the students of these engineering fields utilizing 12 faculty members and well-equipped educational and research labs and workshops. Up to now, numerous valuable papers extracted from the research works of faculty members and research committees of this group, have been published in renowned international journals or presented in international conferences.